Behind The Veil Church

Hello Ladies…

It is with much excitement and great anticipation that I’m proud to announce the return of Times of Refreshing Women’s Conference 2022!! After two years of having to postpone due to the uprise of the Covid Pandemic it is with much prayer and much supplication I have the permission from God to move forward with our annual conference this year.

I will be the first to admit these past 2 years has been rough. It’s been spiritually draining, stress provoking, and life altering for me and so many of you, and just trying to keep moving forward has been a struggle. Many women have found themselves in a low place without much strength to pull themselves up and out, BUT GOD say’s it’s time to “GET UP GIRL!!!”

I was reading in the Book of 1 Samuel Chapter 1 about Hannah and many of you know Hannah’s plight. She was barren, unable to produce a child, which was every woman’s dream back then, struggling and wondering why God was allowing this to happen in her life, and on top of all of that being provoked and humiliated by her rival who kept her reminded of the fact that she was in a low and barren place wondering if she would ever possess all the promises of God she desired. And this low place, this posture she remained in year after year…any of this sounding familiar?

But I love what it says in verse 9. Every time I read it something on the inside of me LEAPS! The Bible declares that ‘Hannah arose”…in other words she GOT UP! She shifted in her mental posture, she made up her mind that she couldn’t stay in this place another year, and she took all those emotions and mental setbacks, fears and self-pity, and said I’m taking it to the Lord in prayer and I’m not letting go til he blesses me! And it was there in that place, that posture things begin to change in Hannah’s favor.

If you want to possess all that the Lord has for you it’s not going to happen in that low place you’re in, you gotta GET UP GIRL and go after God like never before.

The Women of Behind The Veil Church and I want to make sure you know and understand that. So we are inviting you to an uplifting and empowering event this year. The annual TIMES OF REFRESHING WOMEN’S CONFERENCE will be held April 8th & 9th,  2022, themed “GET UP GIRL!” (1Samuel 1:9). Our mission is to provide you with practical biblical teaching of the Word of God in an anointed and spiritually charged atmosphere that will provoke and cause you to GET UP and go after all that God has for you!

This event will feature two strong and powerful women of God speaking on how important it is for us not to allow a spirit of complacency to cause us to lie down and give up on the promises of God. The powerful Prophetess Theresa Walker will encourage us as our guest speakers on Friday April 8rd @ 7:30pm.

Rev. Marilyn Giles, Founder of The Butterfly Club Christian Women’s Mentoring Ministry of Dallas, Tx will inspire us with her dynamic teaching on Saturday April 9th @ 9:30am.

And the incomparable recording artist Psalmist Nancy Taylor of Tyler,TX will “WOW” us with her anointed singing voice and lift us right up into the presence of God both days.

The conference is FREE, but registration is REQUIRED due to limited seating. This will be a conference you don’t want to miss! We hope you will join us April 8th & 9th at Behind The Veil Church 2921 NW Loop 7, Athens TX 75751. Invite other women to come and share in the blessings of restoration and renewal! Call (903) 477-9199 for more information on this exciting event.


God bless you!
Pastor Lurna Cumby 

Athens, TX 75751

2921 NW Loop 7